Wacom Singapore introduces new Bamboo tablets and Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display


This afternoon, pen tablet manufacturer Wacom has launched their third generation Bamboo series of multi-touch and pen tablet devices. On top of that, the company also unveiled the new Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display designed for creative professionals.

If you are a graphics designer or a hobbyist who enjoys drawing, then you might be familiar with the pen tablet products from Wacom. This afternoon, the company unveiled their third generation of Bamboo pen tablet devices for the social and creative computer users. The new range include the Bamboo Pen (small), Bamboo Pen & Touch (small) and Bamboo Fun (medium). Both the Bamboo Pen & Touch and the Bamboo Fun are wireless capable which allow users to work without the hassle of connecting cable.

The Bamboo Pen is designed for basic drawing, writing and annotating of documents, while the Bamboo Pen & Touch offers combination of high quality pen input with multi-touch. The Bamboo Fun also comes with multi-touch and wireless capability and is slightly larger than the Pen & Touch, and is ideal for users who like to draw and sketch or do creative work including retouching and editing. All three pen tablets have black and lime green exterior and will be available from today, with the Bamboo Pen having a retail price of S$135; the Bamboo Pen & Touch at S$185 and the Bamboo Fun at S$335. The wireless accessory kit for Bamboo Pen & Touch and Bamboo fun is selling at S$65.


Besides the pen tablets, Wacom also showcased their new Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display. Based on the popularity of the Cintiq 24UX and Cintiq 12WX, the Cintiq 24HF is for designers, illustrators, animators, video editors and creative professionals who want the most advanced pen-on-screen experience. It has a 24-inch full high definition (1920 x 1200) widescreen display, significantly improved color gamut (92% Adobe RGB), supports HDCP protocol and features 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and 40-degree of tilt control. The Cintiq 24HD also comes with 10 ExpressKeys, two Touch Rings and a USB port.

However, for such a huge interactive pen display, the price doesn't come cheap; the Cintiq 24HD has a price tag of S$4,269 and will be available in October next month.

Noburu Fujisaki, managing director of Wacom Singapore, gave a brief introduction about the company, their product portfolio and also mentioned that the company has market share of over 80%, which makes Wacom the market leader in this segment.

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