Lenovo launches IdeaPad Tablet A1 in Singapore

Computer maker Lenovo has just released their new IdeaPad Tablet A1 in Singapore with a very attractive price tag. With a integrated offline GPS Navigation system, this new tablet may well be a big bang for bucks. 

Laptop and computer manufacturer Lenovo has just announced the launch of the IdeaPad Tablet A1, an 11.95mm thin slate weighing just 400g. The new tablet sports a 7-inch 1024 by 600 resolution LCD screen with an integrated 0.3-megapixel front and back camera. It comes pre-loaded with various apps including the full version of Documents To Go, and is also supplemented with Lenovo App Shop, a dedicated portal for a variety of country-oriented apps as well as other special selections. One special feature of the IdeaPad Tablet A1 is the ability to carry out offline GPS navigation, which allows it to pinpoint its own location without needing to depend on the Internet. This makes it a great item to have when traveling in areas without any network coverage. The Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 is now available in selected stores for S$299.

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