Philips introduces new Fidelio docking speakers for Android devices

Philips Fidelio

With the growing number of Android adopters, it is no wonder Philips has come up with their new docking speakers for this group of users. The electronics manufacturer has announced four Fidelio docking speakers - AS851, AS351, AS141 and AS111.

Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker AS851

The Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker AS851 incorporates Digital Sound Processing technology that claims to deliver clear and detailed sound. With its precisely tuned bass pipes and optimal acoustic volume, you can enjoy superior audio performance from this docking speaker. Elegantly designed, the Philips AS851 Fidelio Docking Speaker will complement any living room.

Price: S$349

Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker AS351

The Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker AS351 features superb gaming audio effects and shielding technology to block mobile phone interference. It aims to provide users with great convenience with its battery or AC power option, for you to experience music enjoyment anytime, anywhere.

Price: S$249

Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker AS141

The Philips Fidelio Docking System AS141 comes with a built-in sleep timer that lets you drift off to dreamland with relaxing music playing. With a dual alarm system, it gives users a gentle wake-up experience every morning. The built-in Bass Reflex Speaker System provides deep, powerful bass, and for those who enjoy listening to radio channel, the AS141 also features FM digital tuning with great audio quality.

Price: S$219

Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker AS111

The stylish Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker AS111 is a perfect speaker for your bedside table. Despite its small footprint, the AS111 comes with built-in Neodymium speakers that provides balanced sound for any genre of music, with omni-directional sound that fills your room with rich tones. It also offers auto clock synchronization with your Android phones with soft glow night light.

Price: S$199

Philips has created the FlexiDock to make it simpler for consumers. The FlexiDock can be adjusted to fit your Android device by simply moving it left or right – to ensure that the phone is placed in a centralized location even if the micro USB port is not located in a central position. The FlexiDock can also be rotated 180-degrees so that no matter what direction your micro USB port faces.

The Philips Fidelio Docking Speakers AS851, AS351, AS141 and AS111 will be available at large electronics retail outlets in Singapore by end February 2012

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